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    Chitwan International work camp 2017/18

    Camp code Date Location Types of work Remarks
    FFN-03 16-30-4-2017 Chitwan Agro camp CHT-01
    FFN-06 16-30-5-2017 Chitwan Agro camp CHT-02
    FFN-11 16-30-7-2017 Chitwan Eco camp CHT-03
    FFN-15 16-30-8-2017 Chitwan Agro camp CHT-04
    FFN-19 16-30-9-2017 Chitwan Agro camp CHT-05

    Help the environment, while supporting the local community.
    Host Organization (FFN) Friendship Foundation Nepal
    Contact Information
    Sudarshan Paudel (Program coordinator)
    Phone: +977-9841-2782-16

    Friendship Foundation Nepal (FFN)
    Post Box no. 11276
    Tokha 10, Prayasnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: +977-1- 4362426
    Office hours: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday

    Project location
    Champanager, a village situated on the borders of Chitwan National Park.

    Dates of the project
    Background Information about the project and work
    The Chitwan National Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Nepal. You can spot wildlife and enjoy the nature there. Away from the tourist center, Sourha, a lot of local villages share a border with the national park. In one of them we try to establish a farm on several hectares of land.

    In cooperation with an experienced team and local villagers, volunteers will cultivate many different plants on a big farmland.
    The land also contains a fish farm and is planned to be run in a way that provides organic products.
    Afterwards we sell the production and gain profit. The profit is meant to help the local community with their everyday challenges. Houses could be repaired, schools improved and emergency funds established. In addition to that, an important part of this project will be the interaction between the international volunteers and the villagers. Volunteers can come up with creative ideas to gain environmental awareness among the locals. They can play sports with the local schoolchildren and teach them about their homes. Vice versa the local community will be pleased to give the volunteers an insight view into the Nepalese culture.

    Accommodation Simple accommodation in a camp house or with a local family. Volunteers will have three traditional meals a day, mostly the Nepalese national dish Dhal Bhat and take part in the cooking process and all chores. It is also possible to bring own food. A camping pad and sleeping bag are required. Showers with cold water are available in your place.
    Meeting condition The first meeting will be arranged at the airport where the volunteer will be received by the local staff. We are going to pick up the volunteers for free according to their arrival dates. We work together with Hotel Encounter Nepal, in Thamel, Kathmandu. The room is available from about 10€ per night. From Kathmandu we will arrange a bus to the project side.
    Note : Arriving date, time and flight number should be given to us at least one week before your arrival, because we have to manage the hotel and transportation
    What to Bring Souvenirs for the children from your home countries, seasonal clothing, a sleeping bag, working gloves, trekking shoes, a mosquito net, mosquito repellant, music, reading material, photographs of your home country.
    Qualifications needed
    Beyond at least basic English skills and your best motivation, there are no special qualifications needed.
    Personal Benefits • Work with children, women and local community people
    • Develop construction, presentation, communication and many other skills.
    Number of volunteers Up to 20.
    Fee 200 Euro for 2 weeks to be paid upon arrival.
    • Transportation to the workcamp with a local or tourist bus
    • Board and lodge with an inside view into the life of real Nepalese people

    Not including Health insurance, beer, coca cola, snacks, mineral water and emergency medicine etc.
    Minimum Age 18+
    Special notes Nepalese people are very sensitive, so you are not allowed to have sex in our workcamp. No drugs or marijuana either. Otherwise you will be asked to leave the camp without excuse. Try to be respectful to each other.
    Awards We will give the volunteers a participation certificate.